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Disc Golf is the newest activity to build your team while enjoying a dynamic, friendly competition

Inspire Your Group

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Planning your next team event around Disc Golf activities is an innovative idea that will create amazing memories.

Easy To Play
It doesn’t take hours of training to learn to play Disc Golf! Our trainers will teach your group the basics on the same day of the event, and you’re off and running.

Fun In The Outdoors
Enjoy a breath of fresh air while participating in an active event that is not physically strenuous. It’s the perfect outing for a team that could use a change of scenery.

We offer several different packages that fit every corporate and group planning budgets. The value you get out of our activities cannot be measured!

Entertaining and Motivating
Every participant gets a chance to fully enjoy themselves in friendly competition, while you motivate your team to perform their very best.

Why Disc Golf?

Watch this short video to experience the thrill of Disc Golf.

Fun Corporate Event

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Have Fun With Serious Pros Guiding You

AJ Muñiz has spent over two decades working in all different areas of the hospitality industry. This has given him a keen insight into how to treat guests to ensure they have a satisfying, memorable experience.

He has also been competing in Disc Golf for over a decade, while also supporting professional Disc Golf events in several different capacities. He is an official Certified Tournament Director of the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association).


AJ Muniz professional disc golf
AJ Muniz

AJ Muñiz,
Founder of Above Gravity
Professional Disc Golf Competitor

The Good Word Is No Spin

  • AJ Muniz is a very passionate and driven promoter dedicated to the growth of Disc Golf throughout Florida and the South. His efforts to expand the reach and the knowledge of the game to the masses will make a significant impact on the sport for years to come.— Avery Jenkins, Disc Golf World Champion
  • I was fortunate enough to be a part of A.J.s disc golf upbringing. Besides becoming a talented, respectful competitor, Mr. Muniz has shown at great lengths his will to share his love of the game. Whether it be a candid conversation with an elder about the sport, or hands on training of the youth movement, his excitement for the betterment of our beloved past time is rarely equalled.— Ken Climo 15 time World Disc Golf Champion.
  • AJ brings passion and enthusiasm to every project he is involved with. Disc Golf as a team building exercise will lead to many smiles and positive feedback from participants of all ages.— Bryan Moore, PDGA State Coordinator of Florida

Plan Your Exciting Group Experience

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