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Once my event is booked, can I change a reservation?
Please contact our Above Gravity team 30 days prior to changing your event date or any other details. City permits may take up to 30 days to process, so in some instances, changes can impact the availability of a course location.

How do I formalize my reservation?
An agreement with all deliverables and payment terms will be signed by both parties at the time of reservation.

A 50% deposit of the cost of your preferred package is collected 45 days prior to the event, to order and pay for field/course fees, to reserve a specific course, to order custom discs with your corporate and/or event identity, and to order the trophies. Depending on the package selected, custom shirts and/or hats will also be ordered upfront.

The remaining 50% will be collected the day of the event.

What type of souvenirs are included with our event?
The Standard, Advanced and Premium packages include discs that guests can keep as memorabilia, which include your corporate and/or event logo. The Premium package also includes Disc Golf shirts.

Photos of your team while playing during the event are included in all packages, and will be submitted in digital form.

How will my group transport to and from the course?
Above Gravity does not provide transportation services. The hotel/resort group hosting your event or accommodations will typically be happy to provide transportation arrangements for your team.

How should we dress for the Disc Golf activity?
Comfortable and casual is the way to go. Remember, you will be outdoors. Players usually favor wearing shorts and some usually wear caps or visors. Sun and UV-light protection is recommended, particularly if you have sensitive skin.

As far as footwear, sneakers are preferred. Try to avoid flip-flops or other types of loose or open-toed footwear.

What happens if it rains during the event?
In the case of a little sprinkling rain, the event can continue as planned.

If heavy rain and lightning takes place, for safety the event will be delayed and possibly cancelled.

What are your policies on photography during the event?
Above Gravity’s photographers will be taking photos of all attendees in your group while competing and playing. A waiver needs to be signed by all attendees when checking in, in order to allow us to take these photos and produce a slideshow video. The waiver also allows Above Gravity to post these images on this website, as well as on our social media profiles.

We cannot be held liable in the event that any of our policies contradict your own corporate policies with regard to fair use of likeness of your team members.

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